A good massage provides a marvelous sensation!  Together with this fantastic sensation, the massage has powerful therapeutic benefits.  Applying these with certain frequency, they can provide to you:

Increases flexibility to your musculature, ligaments, fascias and tendons preventing injuries
Reduces muscular pain and fatigue
Improvement of joint (articulation) by stimulating the synovial liquid
Allowing one to be conscious of ones body
Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
Stimulates the parasympatic system
Increases energetic fluidity
Increases the capacity of attention and improves memory
Regulates endocrine function
Increases the respiratory capacity
It favors the good function of internal organs
Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind
Freeing you from stress and exhaustion
Stimulates profound sleeping habits
Alleviates the process of depression
Increases the capacity of receptivity



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